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Text Me! is a communication tool for Android devices that lets you send text messages, and make VOIP and videoconferencing calls totally for free. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and for your friend to also be using Text Me!

The main difference between Text Me! and other similar services is that it lets you see ads on your device in order to earn credit to make real calls and send real text messages. This means that you can always be in touch with your loved ones without spending a dime.

Having said that, Text Me! also has many of the features that mobile phone users in general have come to know and expect. You can have group chats, send and receive photos and videos, find friends using social networks like Facebook, and much, much more. All the features you'd expect from an IM service are here.

Text Me! is an IM client for mobile devices thanks to which you can always be in touch with your friends and contacts. Text messages, voice calls, videoconferencing... everything you could possibly want.